Visiting Drivers


After a review of our site Health and Safety we must now ask that all visiting drivers adhere to the following procedures and rules whilst on our site. We ask that all drivers/ subcontractors working for you are advised of these. PLEASE REVIEW THE BELOW, COMMUNICATE THEM TO YOUR DRIVERS AND SEND A SIGNED COPY BACK TO US AT THE MAIL ADDRESS LISTED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.


  • On arrival to site all drivers MUST report to Drivers Reception which is situated in the blue offices. They must read the site rules and sign to state that they have read and understand them. This includes drivers looking to drop / swap a trailer.
  • All visiting drivers MUST wear Safety Footwear and Hi-Viz vest / jacket as a bare minimum. This MUST be worn as soon as they leave the cab. Hard hat or Bump Cap should be worn when strapping, un-strapping and when opening or closing curtains.
  • All back doors and curtains must be secured when open to prevent them blowing in the wind.
  • All drivers MUST take instruction from a member of S&J staff before backing into any bay for offloading.
  • Drivers may be asked to de-strap loads etc in the reporting bays.
  • The site speed limit is 10mph.
  • Hazard lights MUST be used at all times when performing a manoeuvre on site.
  • Mobile phones MUST NOT be used whilst driving / operating any vehicle or plant on site.
  • Smoking, including e-Cigarettes, is banned on site except in the designated area.
  • Upmost care MUST be taken at all times.
  • You MUST give way to any Pedestrian as well as any vehicle that is reversing.
  • Reversing MUST be kept to an absolute minimum.
  • When walking on site, WALKWAYS must be used when available. These are marked in YELLOW.
  • No vehicle MUST be left with their engine running when unattended.
  • No driver should approach any moving forklift. They MUST wait by their cab until instructions are given. Then when unloading the driver should stay in their cab or in a Safe Zone away from moving fork lift trucks.
  • Both sides of the vehicle MUST be opened if necessary. We will not pull pallets across the deck of a vehicle.
  • Climbing on the vehicle load deck MUST only be done with closed curtains to minimise the risk of any fall from height and access gained from the rear via an approved ladder / set of steps using 3 points of contact at all times.
  • NO PERSON should enter our warehouse unless they are being accompanied by a member of S&J staff.
  • After unloading / loading the trailer and load MUST be secured before moving.
  • Any trailer left on site MUST have the PARK BRAKE applied and MUST be parked in the area as directed.
  • You MUST NOT disturb any driver that is in the process of dropping or connecting a trailer.
  • No rubbish MUST be left on our site.
  • The taking of PHOTO’s and making of VIDEOS using any device is strictly forbidden unless approved by a Director of S&J.

Failure to follow the above will see us advising your driver and issuing them a warning. If they are seen to be failing to follow the above again then we reserve the right to exclude them from our site.


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