S&J customers benefit from Amazon partnership

Customers of S&J European Haulage Ltd are seeing both commercial and operational benefits from our membership of Amazon’s preferred pallet network.

Our pallet network Palletline is the only network to hold Amazon’s preferred carrier status for inbound pallet deliveries. All of the bookings and administration are handled by the Palletline hub who are linked into Amazon’s system. Often suppliers & those who sell through Amazon have to make their own delivery bookings and are issued with expensive to service out of hours delivery slots. S&J customers however benefit from S&J’s Palletline membership which allows them to despatch their freight out on S&J’s more cost-effective economy service and Palletline ensure the goods are booked into the Amazon sites on consolidated vehicles.

The Palletline-Amazon partnership has been so successful that the Palletline members are considering opening a dedicated Amazon hub to service the giant online retailer http://motortransport.co.uk/blog/2018/01/19/palletline-considering-opening-dedicated-amazon-facility-volumes-soar/

If you would like to know more about how your business could benefit from our partnership with Amazon please get in touch by phone on 01664814813 or email sales@sj-haulage.co.uk