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CPC And Forklift Training

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What We Offer

Based in Melton, our trainers are skilled and experienced in providing training, both formally and informally, to meet the needs of our customers and the wider industry needs. 

Our team delivers this from both our training centre based in Melton Mowbray and from customers’ own sites as required 

What Is Forklift Training?

Forklift training looks to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to be able to competently operate and drive a forklift. Individuals are awarded with a forklift certification as a result of their training – a vital qualification to have in this industry.  

The training ensures individuals have the desired safety standards and aptitude to operate a forklift without risk of damage to company property/goods or injury. 

Is Forklift Training A Legal Requirement?

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 states that employers should provide employees with forklift training as a legal requirement, and if they fail to provide any training, this could be classed as breaking the law.  

You do not need to hold a UK driving license to drive a forklift truck or undertake forklift training.

What Is CPC Driver Training?

A CPC, or Certificate of Professional Competence, is a card you receive after 35 hours of periodic training. This must be carried with you at all times when driving a HGV. 

The training consists of 35 hours of classroom-based training, taking place every five years.  

Improving Efficiciency and Skils in the Workplace

As well as training our own drivers we are qualified and registered to deliver external training. 

From safety training for warehouse workers to onsite forklift training and HGV driver training, our team of experts are perfectly placed to support individuals with professional training services. 

Does Forklift Training Expire?

Whilst forklift certificates do not run out, it’s highly recommended that refresher training is carried out periodically throughout an employee’s career. This is also a recommendation from the Health and Safety Commission (HSC). 

Typically, this should be around every three years to ensure an employee remains confident and competent with their forklift operating skills.  

Safety Training For Warehouse workers

As part of our training delivery services, we also provide warehouse safety training, ensuring that employees have the skills and awareness to safely operate in a warehouse. 

Working within a warehouse presents additional hazards that individuals should be aware of, and we teach people these hazards and how to avoid them, ensuring their safety at all times in the workplace.  

We advise on best practices for different industries, equipping warehouse operatives with the information they need to work safely and efficiently in these environments.  


Comprehensive Training Portfolio


Our team of trainers are based in Melton Mowbray and are able to deliver both in-house and external training to meet the needs of our customers.

As part of our haulage driver and forklift operator training services, we offer the following: 

  • ITSSAR approved forklift truck and counterbalance forklift training courses with a variety of categories 
  • JUAPT approved driver courses covering a variety of topics ranging from Tachograph’s to first aid 
  • Fuel efficiency and driver assessments 
  • Vehicle mount training including Moffett, Manitou, and Palfinger training

Enquire About Haulage Training Today

As one of the leading companies that train HGV drivers in the UK, we are fully qualified and registered to deliver this essential training. 


If you’re interested in booking with S&J Haulage for our haulage training, get in touch with us today.  


A member of our team will be able to organise this training with you, based on your specific needs and requirements. 


Do you have further questions on haulage driver and forklift training? Check out some of our frequently asked questions – you may find your answer here.


Q: How long does forklift training take?

A: Typically, forklift training takes three to five days to complete.


Q: How often do you need forklift refresher training?

A: We recommend you carry out forklift refresher training every three to five years, however, if you have had a period of absence from work, this should be conducted sooner to ensure you are comfortable and confident.


Q: Who is responsible for driver CPC training?

A: It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure they have had completed their CPC driver training. Some companies may offer to pay for this, whilst some may insist driver’s do this in their own time. 


Q: Is first aid part of the driver CPC training syllabus?

A: As part of CPC Driver training, you learn about emergency first aid at work to ensure you have the skills to administer first aid in emergency situations. Transport related health and safety is also part of the five CPC training models.


Q: When to take driver CPC training

A: You must complete 35 hours of CPC training before the five year deadline. The deadline to do your training is shown on your CPC card. You only need to do this once every five years. We recommend you complete the training before beginning work in this area to ensure you are fully prepared.