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UK Haulage and Distribution

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Services We Offer

With a vast array of quality equipment at our disposal, we have a suitable solution to make your deliveries on time, every time. Our in-house training ensures our drivers are amongst the safest, most efficient, and most knowledgeable in Europe. To ensure our customers goods are as safe as possible unless otherwise agreed, we carry goods under RHA conditions at £5000 per ton, or CMR conditions, where applicable.

What Does Haulage Involve?

The act of transporting commercial goods by road or rail between suppliers, haulage is the perfect solution for the transportation of bulk items, ranging from foodstuffs to clothes, building materials, and other general supplies. 

Unlike traditional shipping, haulage allows businesses to distribute large quantities of goods in one shipment, as well as distribute larger or more specialist loads. This can be more cost-effective, as well as efficient.

UK Haulage & Distribution

Types of Haulage

In addition to general haulage, there are several types of haulage services available: 


  • Plant haulage – transporting machinery, equipment, or industrial apparatus
  • Hazardous haulage – transporting dangerous goods such as chemicals that pose a risk to health 
  • Heavy haulage – transporting large quantities of goods, requiring heavier/larger vehicles 
  • Vehicle haulage – transporting cars, motorhomes and other vehicles 
  • Fragile load haulage – transporting fragile goods and cargo without any damage 
  • Parcel delivery haulage – transporting a wide range of parcels of all shapes and sizes 
  • Abnormal load haulage – transporting a weight of more than 44,000kg; an axle load of more than 10,000kg 


With each type of haulage comes a specific set of requirements and limitations to ensure goods are transported safely, and there are several types of road haulage vehicles that accommodate these needs.

Our dedicated drivers and fleet of 40+ vehicles are the hallmark of our business. We are proud to have the reputation as one of the country’s most reliable hauliers with the highest standards of customer service. 

Our Nationwide Fleet Is There To Deliver Your Goods

From Vans all the way through to 44 tonne artics, your fleet can be tailored to get your Goods from A to B.

Locations we cover

As part of our UK haulage and distribution services, we are based in the East Midlands, we offer dedicated vehicles and groupage, and cover a wide range of locations throughout the UK. 

Full-service Haulage and Distribution

When working with S&J Haulage for your haulage and distribution needs, you can expect the following benefits: 


Next Working Day Deliveries

Whether you are shipping from Leicester to Manchester or from Nottingham to London, our speedy overnight delivery service, in partnership with Palletline, ensures our deliveries are made in good order and on time, every time.


Economy Deliveries

For less urgent shipments, or for when you need to work on a tighter budget, we offer economy distribution services. Rest assured you will still receive a quality service, just at a cost effective solution to meet your distribution needs.  


Consignment Options

Our tailor-made pallet tariffs containing varying price scales for our multiple pallets, as well as quarter, half, and full size pallet options, ensuring you can find the perfect distribution option for your specific needs. 


Time Specific Deliveries

For when you’re working on a tighter timescale, we offer time specific delivery options. Whether you need a morning or afternoon delivery slot, our pallet service allows you to offer your customers a time critical service.


Contract Hire

In addition, we also offer a bespoke contact based around specific needs. Whether you are a small business or a multichannel blue chip company, S&J Haulage works closely with businesses to cater to their specific individual needs.  


Enquire About UK Haulage and Distribution Services Today!

From vans all the way through to 44 tonne artics, your fleet can be tailored to get your Goods from A to B.

As one of the best haulage companies in the UK, S&J Haulage is on hand to help you with all your haulage needs. Simply get in touch with us today to find out more about our UK haulage and distribution services.

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